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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

"Nature does not complete things. She is chaotic. Man must finish, and he does so by making a garden and building a wall."

Robert Frost

View Our WorkWhen it comes to landscape architecture, we use the same methodology as when we approach any other aspect of a job. It all starts with you, the client, and your vision of the project. We work hand in hand with you, developing an understanding of the goals and parameters of the project.

It’s this combination of design and budget that sets MSP apart: we provide high-quality design, but keep a sharp eye on the budget. We’ve worked on many prestigious landscape architecture projects in the region, and we’ve worked with the best developers on projects ranging from site development planning to streetscape design to planting plans. And on every project, our landscape architects are backed by the knowledge and experience of our surveyors, planners, engineers, and architects.


Our areas of service include:

  • Site development planning
  • Land use analysis
  • Parks and recreation planning and design
  • Streetscape design
  • Community planning
  • Master planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Planting plans



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