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Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning

"If they don't act soon, organizations will face a major exodus of institutional knowledge. Companies must undertake [initiatives] to capture knowledge and minimize its loss."

Kathy Battistoni

View Our Work Facilities Planning and Facilities Information Management (FIM) are natural extensions of our other disciplines. Our FIM system is web-based, and combines floor plans and space use management with the requirements for maintaining each area within that plan. You’ll be able to plan space reuse as well as manage every aspect of your facility, including such things as work orders for both site and facilities as well as the cost per year of maintaining these facilities. We work with you to give you the necessary tools to help you make wise decisions on capital expenditures, and to manage your day-to-day maintenance operations. This system captures and maintains staff knowledge of all your facilities. And that means if your staff leaves or retires, the knowledge remains.

Support services include the following:

  • Development of a web-based facilities information management system
  • Hosting of the facility’s website system for secure access
  • Base maps published in web format
  • Inventory and scanning of all physical assets and architectural plans
  • Conversion of drawing files (DWG) into a web-viewing format
  • Space usage and planning consultation
  • Development of facilities asset report templates



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