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Recurring Story

Recurring Story

The trip started out as many do – father and daughter, maps in hand, set out to visit the college of her dreams. The school had an excellent reputation, the major she wanted, lots of great amenities. It should have been perfect.

 After hours on the road, they made their way to the campus. They finally located the admission center, and she wouldn’t even get out of the car.



A prospective student typically makes a decision within the first 15 minutes of visiting your campus. That first impression creates an image that never entirely fades, and if it’s not a good one, it can turn a prospect away.

The 'Recurring Story' on the left is a true story, and it’s the reason we developed designed 2 impress. We saw — first-hand — that first impressions count. You probably don’t even know when this happens on your campus, because this prospective student never set foot in your admissions center. You have no record of her having visited your campus. Because she never got out of the car.


The designed 2 impress Team

Craig RamboDesigned 2 impress was developed by an architect and an enrollment specialist with decades of experience in their respective fields. Craig Rambo, AIA, APA, LEED, has more than 30 years of architectural design and planning experience. (And it was his daughter who wouldn’t get out of the car.) He is an AIA award-winning architect with significant experience in designing for the collegiate environment. In addition to visiting countless campuses with his daughter, he has more than a decade of experience in analyzing collegiate spaces as an architect.

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