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Today’s students live in a world that is highly designed, created specifically to entice them. They’re used to the mall experience. Their entertainment venues go to great measures to keep them captivated. They own cell phones, surf the Internet, create blogs, and listen to iPods. They expect everyone to cater to their needs. And they expect no less from your university.

A Fresh Perspective

“The designed 2 impress audit was extraordinary. It encapsulated all of the aspects of the campus that didn’t impress the visitor. With the audit in hand, we had for the first time a comprehensive review of our campus and could begin to address problem areas right away.”

James T. Harris III, D. Ed.
President, Widener University, Chester, PA

Designed 2 impress is a unique service we provide to help you attract new students by making a good first impression. Developed by an architect and an enrollment specialist with decades of experience in their respective fields, the Designed 2 Impress campus image analysis looks at your school from the perspective of a prospective student.

Using nine points of impression, the designed 2 impress team walks through the entire first-visit experience and looks for opportunities to convey your unique message to visitors. From the initial contact via web site to the campus tour, the analysis will cover all aspects that form a prospective student’s opinion of your university.

Strategic Solutions

View Our WorkDesigned 2 impress identifies high impact changes that can be made quickly and at relatively low cost. Often, the recommendations cover items that staff will find effective and efficient as well. From ways to approach the college to signage, the answers will target high-impact areas, all aimed to improve the overall impression your campus makes.

You’ll also receive a list of strategic solutions that can be phased in over time and funded by alumni, businesses, or other donors. The recommendations include projects that can promote goodwill while boosting your impression power.


The designed 2 impress Analysis

Step 1: On-site campus audit
Step 2: Overall assessment of the campus from a visitor’s perspective
Step 3: Identification of on-campus impression points

Within 30 days of the visit, you receive a comprehensive report that covers:

  • Key points about your campus that impact a “first impression”
  • The campus tour
  • Character and quality
  • Areas to improve
  • Strategic solutions



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